My Family's Journey

Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty
Acrylic on Linen
Top End


My Family's Journey 

My grandmother , grandfather, mothers and uncles were born along the northern coast of Australia. 

No hospitals , no doctors or nurses , most were born under trees but in different places. 

They travelled by canoe and walked everywhere.

They stay in certain places that my grandparents knew fresh water and food could be captured and gathered. 

i have depicted manmade huts, hunting tools, water holders and dillybags used to give comfort and the other items to make their daily lives easier. 

My mother always talked about being happy and free to play on the beaches in our country. 

The red areas depict the land , the dark blue area is the mainland, where freshwater can be found. Huge lighter blue sections is the sea. birth places, travels, fishing and spearing places. 

Written By Helen McCarthy  

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