Walala Tjapaltjarri


Walala was born in the early 1960’s in the Gibson Desert and as one of nine lived a nomadic life (including his brothers Warlimpirrnga and Thomas Tjapaltjarri 

He had his first contact with European society in 1984.

He began painting in 1997 and was introduce to painting by his brother Warlimpirrnga. He began with a classical Tingari style and quickly evolved his own innovative style of work.

The rectangles so prominent in his paintings form both a physical and spiritual map establishing Walala as a discerning draughtsman for his ancient country.

Walala Tjapaltjarri uses a highly personalised and minimal style to represent aspects of the sacred Tingari Cycle, an epic journey of Ancestors of the TJukurrpa, which is a series of sacred and secret song lines. 

Walala Tjapaltjarri has gained worldwide recognition, participating in several national and international solo and group exhibitions. His paintings are represented in private and public collections in Australia, Europe and the U.S.A.

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