Polly Ngale


Polly Ngale was born circa 1940 in the artistically rich area of Utopia, 240 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Polly Ngale belongs to the oldest living generation of Utopia women. Like many of the women in Utopia, Polly began her artistic career in the 1970s within the Batik movement when Indigenous imagery and Western craft practices were combined for the first time. This movement was an initiation into the art world for many female artists in the area.

Like Kathleen, Polly creates her paintings by building up layer upon layer of colour to create multi-dimensional images. The two have often collaborated and painted together.

Many of Pollys paintings depict the bush plum and its bright yellow seeds, in its various stages of ripening, or the topography of the land in varying shades of red, orange, and yellow to reflect the changing colours of the seasons.

Other works depict designs associated with Awelye, Womens business and ceremonial law. Polly Ngales paintings often depict bright yellow seeds, a feast for emus, amongst the Bush Plums that grow in her country. Polly's work has been exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas.


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