Makinti Napanangka


Makinti Napanangka was a senior Pintupi woman, born around 1932, in the area of Karrkurritinyja (Lake Macdonald) who lived within the Kintore Community and in Alice Springs. With her passing in 2011 the art community is left with a lost of an incredible artist, but her works continue to live on.

She was introduced to acrylic painting in 1995 as a member of the Haasts Bluff-Kintore painting project conducted at Kintore. Makinti quickly developed her style and held to it. Makinti's paintings are often the stories of the Kungka Kutjarra (Two Women), Ancestor figures whose travels cover great distances from Pitjantjajara country, then north east through to and beyond Haasts Bluff and Papunya. Such journeys include numerous ceremonial sites, ceremonial activities and food gathering. 

Makinti's images often comprise  hairstring skirts (these skirts are woven by the women from human hair using a simple spindle made of two sticks) and belts worn by women in ceremonies, shown as sets of lines varying in hue and density, usually in bold yellows and oranges, alternating with white. 

Makinti Napanangka was named as one of the 50 Most Collectable Australian artists in Australian Art Collector Issue 23, January - March 2003, Issue 27, January - March 2004 and again in Issue 31, January - March 2005. 

She has been described by Utopia Art's director as the Central Desert's "best painter since Emily (Kngwarreye), with no living match in her painterly freedom, and her fearless blend of naive and sophisticated elements".

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