​Eunice Napangardi


Eunice Napangardi was born in Yuendumu, just north-west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory and was sister to Alice and Pansy Napangardi and Rene Robinson Napangardi.

Married to the late Kaapa Tjampitjimpa, one of the leading founders of the Aboriginal Contemporary art movement in Papunya, Eunice was exposed to an extraordinary milieu of Aboriginal painters. Originally, like many husband/wife teams she painted in the background dotting within her husband’s works. In the late 1980’s, she began to come into their own and Eunice established herself as a leading female Aboriginal Artist. After the death of Kaapa, Eunice began to paint with renowned artist Maxi Tjampitjinpa [now deceased].

Eunice’s trademark signature is The Yuparli or Uparli [Bush Banana Dreaming] which signifies the journey of the Uparli ancestors.

Growing within rock and crevices close to dry river beds, the Yuparli is both known as an important food source and having special healing qualities. Highly detailed, her work is both animated and spirited like its creator. Eunice Napangardi was an extraordinary lady whose artwork continues to preserve Aboriginal culture and tradition.

Central Desert
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