Emily Pwerle


Emily Pwerle was born in the 1920’s. She is the sister of famous Utopian Aboriginal artist Minnie Pwerle. She leds a traditional Aboriginal lifestyle and has remained on her home community lands (100 people) for the majority of her life.

Emily did not begin to paint (in a modern sense on canvas) until her early 80’s . She was encouraged by all to paint along with her sisters Gayla and Molly Pwerle.

In 2004, Barbara Weir, Minnie Pwerle’s daughter, and acclaimed Aboriginal artist herself, organised a workshop for the sisters, it has held at Irrultja Station (the family group’s home station). It was the start of the production to an amazing body of works by the sisters – Molly, Emily, Minnie and Gayla Pwerle.

Emily’s artworks have been exhibited and represented in several art galleries across Australia as well as in the USA and Europe.


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