Betty Mpetyane (Mbitjana)


Betty Mpetyane (also spelt Mbitjana) was born in 1957 on Utopia station. Betty grew up and spent her early years on the station mixing a traditional life with a western schooling.

Betty Mbitjana is the daughter of the late Minnie Pwerle, and is sister of Barbara Weir and niece of Emily Pwerle. As her mother Minnie Pwerle became more famous for her paintings, Betty developed an interest in painting and learned from Minnie’s innovative blending of colours and layering.

Since her mother passed away in 2006, Betty Mbitjana ‘s career in painting has developed in its own right, building on her acquired knowledge and developing her own methods of expression.

Betty is a hard working artist, whose works are very popular and have wide appeal. The paintings are aerial views of women's ceremonies and depict the waterholes (often in sacred places) where they take place.


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