Angelina Ngale (Pwerle)


Angelina Ngale is an Alyawarre woman born around 1952 in Utopia, Northern Territory. She currently lives with her sisters Polly and Kathleen Ngale. Angelina paints the Bush Plum Dreaming. The Bush Plum is a significant and stable food source for the Aboriginal communities of Utopia. Angelina belongs to a family of artists, which includes sisters, Polly and Kathleen Ngale.

Angelina began in the medium of batik when this begun in the late 1970’s at Utopia. When acrylics swept the Utopia region about a decade later, Angelina made the swift transition and has continued using this medium like other Utopia artists.

Becoming is renowned for her fine dot representations of the Anwekety (conkerberry, also known as conkleberry and bush plum). Angelina paints the women’s ceremonial body paint designs (Awelye) which she does so with bold and colourful layers, though she paints much less of this. Angelina also enjoys painting the story of Atham-areny. Atham-areny are small spirit creatures that live where no fire goes.


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